With a passion for travel, history and literature paired with a background in restaurant work, Rob finds wine to be a perfect vector for his skills and interests. It was at Larkspur Restaurant in Vail, under the excellent mentorship of Kevin Furtado, that Rob began to develop his expertise on wine. Rob also has a passion for gastronomy and a fascination for cultural food diversity. He enjoys composing a wine menu that balances the familiar with the unusual, both domestic and foreign, and celebrates the diversity of wine. At the same time, he tries to be judicious and focus on wines that are sympathetic with the restaurant’s cuisine. Rob views wine as transportive to a time or place that holds memories of an occasion or previous experience. Of course, it is also simply a delicious beverage and can be enjoyed at the most basic level.

    Being in Beaver Creek has the tremendous advantage of being exposed to a healthy, competitive fine wine market gaining Rob access to some very special wines that are simply not available elsewhere. Rob likes to have approximately 270-300 wine selections on his menu. His personal favorite? Unequivocally, “Champagne”-which pairs nicely with just about everything.

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