Tony “G”, as his fans affectionately call him, came knocking on the door of Grouse Mountain Grill in 1995.  Wanting to move his family to the area from Omaha, he was looking for a regular gig.  Knowing a good thing when we saw it, we were excited to snap him up and we have not removed the “ball and chain” since- sorry Tony!  It is really his own fault because he is so darn good and such an amazing person.  He lays it out there every night, sometimes after three other engagements prior to his start time of 6:30.  And, like a Pied Piper, his people follow him to soak up that soul satisfying feeling that only good music can give you (all with the fringe benefit of enjoying an amazing dinner simultaneously).  It is only 80% about the music, though.  Tony table hops in between sets, making new friends and reconnecting with old friends during his breaks- talk about energy!  He is just as likely to know the guest’s names as well as those of their children as he is to know the lyrics to “Fly Me to The Moon”.  So thanks Tony, for all that you do to add to our guest’s experience.  It is truly immeasurable!

Live dinner music, Beaver Creek, Colorado!

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