When local produce and meats are available in our area, it is a no-brainer to not only support the efforts of a local farm, but also to take advantage of these superior products grown and raised locally.  Eagle Springs Organic is located in beautiful Silt, Colorado and Chef David has been using their meticulously cared for vegetables and chicken eggs in his menu items for a few years now.  David creates that farm to table link on your plate every night in his kitchen.

This is a family owned 1600 acre farm where you will see the owner on the phone doing business, while bottle feeding a baby pig in her lap.  A few women sit out front scrubbing the hand-picked carrots.  On their radar for repeating and upcoming crops include cauliflower, garlic (the farm manager is a garlic fanatic), tomatoes, swiss chard, kale and winter squash.

The Red Kuri Squash Chef David is currently using for the nightly soup is absolutely amazing. It starts with the quality of the squash, which is definitely there, to which he adds salted candied squash seeds, squash mousse & chervil elevating it to a heavenly state.

Taking the kitchen staff down to see where some of the food that is used in the kitchen is from is always rewarding.  It solidifies the connection to its origins and gives new perspective and appreciation for the care it takes to raise food and animals right.   GMG cook, Patrick, was fascinated by the process of creating the right environment for growth, from warming the soil to humidifying the air, to fish being used in a fertilization process- its water ends up cycling back the fish habitat after enriching the soil.  Chef was most impressed by the way the animals were treated- they are so clean and so much space is allocated for them to roam.

Food with integrity- that comes from knowing where your food is from and exactly how it is handled from there.  The effort that takes can be tasted in the final product- we are convinced!

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